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Nico & Masha

Masha and Nico met for their first date on the 15th of May 2016 in Surry Hills. They got on brilliantly straight away and talked non-stop for 6 hours.  The connection was instant for them both.

3 weeks later, Masha got tonsillitis and Nico took her to hospital.  When they were filling in Masha’s forms the nurse asked for an emergency contact and Masha gave Nico’s details. Then the nurse asked if he was a friend, a partner or a boyfriend to what she answered… “yes”, and to the confused face of the nurse Nico responded “boyfriend”. It was a moment of revelation and confirmation for them both. Nico refused to leave Masha alone and they held hands until 3am when the staff finally requested he leave.  

Since then, Nico and Masha have been inseparable, sharing many special times together, among them a trip to Europe in the Sept of 2016 when Nico met the parents.  

Not long after, Masha met not only Nico’s parents, but all 21 members of his family. She was overwhelmed by the incredible warmth and closeness of their relationship and felt genuinely at home.

Months later, Nico and Masha visited Russia and spent some time with Masha’s family. Being with her with them totally reinforced for him that she was the one and so Nico started plotting a proposal and one day before the big day, he skyped Masha’s parents to ask for their blessing.

It was a Sunday morning when Nico took Masha on a special date and they flew on a seaplane to Cottage Point. Upon arrival, he took her to the side of the jetty in front of the restaurant and told her how important family is for him and how one day he would like to have a family … with her … and then he went down on one knee and proposed.  Masha cried, a lot. She also said yes, a lot. And when they got to the restaurant she was far too shocked, excited and happy to eat a single morsel. It was the 15th of October, 2017.

There are so many things that Masha and Nico love, appreciate and adore about each other. When I asked them to share a few of them this is what they said –

Nico, loves and adores Masha’s endless support and caring, her genuineness, how smart and funny she is.  He loves how he can totally be himself when he’s with her and appreciates how she takes nothing in their relationship for granted.

Masha appreciates Nico’s kindness, his generosity, intelligence, his sense of humour, his curiosity and his  easy going nature. She loves how they can talk about anything and everything and how she can totally be herself when she’s with him.

Masha and Nico greatest hopes for their future together are to keep travelling and exploring the world together, learning new things, enriching and completing each other and of course expanding their family with a one or 2 little ones.  On behalf of everyone here, Nico and Maria, we are gathered here today to show you our love, to hope with you, support you, to be proud of you and to bless you as they continue in the crafting of your own unique, rich and rewarding adventure through life together.

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